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ASAG emerged from shared goals of achieving joint excellence in avian management, providing focus on conservation, and responding to common challenges facing bird programs within AZA institutions. We pride ourselves on providing a forum where new people, ideas and visions are welcome and mentoring is valued. We work in a cooperative and mutually supportive fashion to achieve our long-term goals.

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Past Candidates and Recipients of Plume Awards

ASAG has created an award program to identify and reward significant achievement in Avian Husbandry in the Captive Animal Field. The recipients of these awards are leaders in our field and committed to furthering avian conservation. There are two awards per year with a third award given out when merited:

Plume #1: Long-term Propagation Program

  • This award recognizes excellence in husbandry and future management of a species or group of similar species
  • Must include scope of propagation program and staff.
  • May include in-situ work, reintroduction aspects, etc. if pertinent.
  • Must include longevity of program, participants, and future plans.
  • Must include reasons why this program is worthy of this award.

Plume #2: Noteworthy Achievement in Avian Husbandry

  • This award recognizes excellence in one facet of husbandry such as first-time breeding, reintroduction programs, breeding consortiums, the reproduction of a difficult species, taking a leading role in population sustainability, etc.
  • Must include details of the achievement and participating staff.
  • Must include future directions for the program.
  • Must include reasons why this program is worthy of this award.

Plume #3: Exceptional Individual Achievement

  • This award recognizes an individual's or institution's exceptional achievement in zoo aviculture and may be awarded only periodically.
  • Must include details of the achievement.
  • Must include future directions.
  • Must include reasons why this individual/institution is worthy of this award.