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ASAG emerged from shared goals of achieving joint excellence in avian management, providing focus on conservation, and responding to common challenges facing bird programs within AZA institutions. We pride ourselves on providing a forum where new people, ideas and visions are welcome and mentoring is valued. We work in a cooperative and mutually supportive fashion to achieve our long-term goals.

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2014 Mid-Year Proceedings
Memphis, TN: 22-28 March 2014

TAG Updates:

Ratite TAG
       Sahara Conservation Fund
       Care for Karamoja - Sheri Horiszny, Santa Barbara Zoo
Raptor TAG
       Andean Condor SSP & Colombian Reintroduction Program - Michael Mace
       San Diego Zoo
Anseriformes TAG
Charadriiformes TAG
Coraciiformes TAG
       Guam Micronesian Kingfisher Update - Aliza Baltz, Philadelphia Zoo
       Captive Management, Stress, and Reproduction in the Guam Micronesian
       Kingfisher - Andrew Alba, University of Missouri
       Ground Hornbill Genetic Material Request - Lucy Kemp, Mabula Ground
       Hornbill Project
Penguin TAG
       Penguin Population Viability Analysis - Lisa Faust, PMC
Parrot TAG
Turaco/Cuckoo TAG
Columbiformes TAG
Gruiformes TAG
       African Crane Trade Project - Cynthia Gitter, International Crane Foundation
Crane Sustainability Model
       Wattled Crane - Fred Beall, Zoo New England
       Whooping Crane Project - Pautexant
Ciconiiformes TAG

Avian Welfare Workshop:

The use of PVA to Examine Relationships Between Flight Restriction and
Population Sustainability - Colleen Lynch, Riverbanks Zoo

ASAG's New Flight Restriction Guidelines; Results of 2104 Flight Restriction
Survey - Sara Hallagar, Smithsonian National Zoo

Avian Egg Euthanasia - Susie Kasielke, Los Angeles Zoo

Topics in Applied Avian Nutrition - Mike Maslanka, Smithsonian National Zoo

Understanding and Managing Avian Bumblefoot - Dr. Ann Duncan, Detroit Zoo

Cassowary Procedures at the Birmingham Zoo: How to Maximize the Success and Minimize the Stress by Thinking Inside the Box - Cindy Pinger, Birmingham Zoo

Here Birdy, Birdy, Birdy! - Kelly Vineyard and Shannon Morarity, Columbus Zoo

Program Penguin Overview - Steven J. Sarro, Smithsonian National Zoo

Advanced Enrichment Design and Evaluation - Cheryl Meehan, Ph.D.,
Vistalogic, Inc.

Shining a Light on Avian Visual Perception - Linda Henry, SeaWorld San Diego

Carcass Feeding... It's for the Birds - Beth Posta, Toledo Zoo

Evaluating an Avian Collection's Behavioral Responses to Construction
Disturbances - Gina M. Ferrie, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Exhibiting Parrots - Past, Present, and Future - Has Anything Changed?
Joe Barkowski, Tulsa Zoo

Planning for Free-flighted Birds as a Component of a Major Aviary Renovation -
David Bocian, San Francisco Zoo

From Fur to Feathers: Future Directions in Zoo Animal Welfare - Lance Miller,
Chicago Zoological Society

ASAG General Session:

Steering Committee Memberss and Welcome New Members - Sara Hallagar,
Smithsonian National Zoo

ASAG Website Update - Kevin Graham, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Mariana Avifauna Conservation Program - Herb Roberts, Memphis Zoo

Lucky in Love: The Reproductive Success of the Southern Cassowary at the Virginia Zoo - Alexandra Zelazo-Kessler, Virgina Zoo (ASAG Travel Grant Recipient)

Alternative Medicine - Aliza Baltz, Philadelphia Zoo

Plume Awards - Steve Sarro, Smithsonian National Zoo

Novel Information on Taveta Weaver Nest Fidelity - Chelle Plasse, Disney's
Animal Kingdom

Light Bulb Moments with Penguins and Alcids - Linda Henry, SeaWorld San Diego
(ASAG Travel Grant Recipient)

Red/Yellow Program Updates from 2012 Mid-Year Presentation - Kelly Vineyard,
Columbus Zoo and Steve Sarro, Smithsonian National Zoo

Going Beyond the Institution: Taronga Zoo Bird Department Involvement in
Conservation Programs - Sprina Liu, Taronga Zoo (ASAG Travel Grant Recipient)

A New Aviary Under Construction - Dan Boritt, Indianapolis Zoo

Action Plan Update and Final Wrap Up - Tom Schneider, Detroit Zoo

Galliformes Workshop:

TAG Introduction: Managed Species Under the TAG - Chris Holmes, Houston Zoo

Incubation Workshop in Colombia and How the Blue-billed Curassow can be Incorporated into AZA Institutions - Chris Holmes, Houston Zoo

Edwards Pheasants: An Overview of the Captive Conseration Work in EAZA and
AZA and How This Species can be Incorporated into AZA Collections -
Gen Anderson, St. Augustine Alligator Park

The Managed Species of Tragopans Under the Galliformes TAG and How AZA
IInstiutions can Incorporate These Species into Their Collections - Michael Macek,
Saint Louis Zoo

Palawan Peacock Pheasant - Mollie Coym, Houston Zoo

Argus Pheasant Update - Chris Holmes, Houston Zoo

The Managed Species of Guineafowl (Crested and Vulturine) - Harrison Edell,
Dallas Zoo

Galliformes Housed in Mixed Species Exhibits - Shawn Pedersen, Woodland
Park Zoo

The Outlook of Galliformes in AZA Collections - Chris Holmes, Houston Zoo

Hornbill Workshop:

Introduction and TAG Updates - Paul Schutz, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Micronesian Kingfisher Population and USFWS Recovery Committee Update -
Aliza Baltz, Philadelphia Zoo

Creating Successful Hornbill Nest Cavities - Gen Andersen, St. Augustine
Alligator Farm Zoological Park

Bee-Eaters: Going, Going, Not Gone Yet - Kevin Graham, Disney's Animal

Ground Hornbill Conservation in South Africa: A Summary of Lessons Learnt
A Revised Reintroduction and Conservation Plan for the Southern Ground
Hornbill in Unprotected Habitat in South Africa
Lucy Kemp, Mabula Ground Hornbill Project

Training a Pair of Abyssinian Ground Hornbills for Voluntary Radiographs -
RoxAnna Breitigan, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Breeding Rhinoceros Hornbills at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere -
Rebecca Bell, Nashville Zoo