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ASAG emerged from shared goals of achieving joint excellence in avian management, providing focus on conservation, and responding to common challenges facing bird programs within AZA institutions. We pride ourselves on providing a forum where new people, ideas and visions are welcome and mentoring is valued. We work in a cooperative and mutually supportive fashion to achieve our long-term goals.

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AZA Mid-Year Conference: March 2015
Columbia, South Carolina

TAG Meetings


Breeding Toucans in Captivity Workshop

Breeding Rhamphastids at the Denver Zoo, John Azua
Keel-billed Toucan Breeding, Jennifer Wesson
Breeding Behavior in the Chestnut-mandibled Toucan, Jerry Jennings
Toco Toucan Breeding, Melissa Reynolds
Rhampastid Nutrition, Deb Schmidt
Hand-rearing Toucans, Carolina Arruda
Discussion Identifying Areas of Investigation, Mike Macek

Penguin Workshop

Introduction/TAG Updates, Tom Schneider
Penguins as Marine Sentinels: Building Science Partnerships, Dee Boersma
African Penguins: A Pilot Species for AZA's new SAFE Program, Steve Sarro
Final Population Viability Analysis Results for the Penguin TAG, Lisa Faust
Reproduction 101: Overview of Incubation and Chick Rearing, Lauren Dubois
Creative Nesting: Maximizing Your Exhibit Space, Sharon Jarvis
AARP(enguins), Tricia McDeed
Saint Louis Zoo's Penguin and Puffin Coast, Mike Macek
Do You Waddle Play? Discussion of Penguin Enrichment, Michelle Hartman
Using Enrichment: Interactive African Penguin Encounter, Stacy Johnson

Avian SAG: Reprodoctive Management and New Technology Workshop

Introduction, Sara Hallager
The Role of Infertility in Reproductive Failure, Cheryl Asa
ABC's of the Birds and the Bees, Jennifer Evans
Practical Application of Reproductive Technology, Linda M. Penfold
Artificial Insemination in Magellanic Penguins, Lauren Dubois
Gonadal Hormones and Courtship Behavior are Indicators of Reproductive
Performance in Female Whooping Cranes, Nucaharin Songsasen
Artificial Insemination and Egg Sexing Techniques, Warren Lynch
Reproductive Hormone Assays in Curassows, Andrew Schumann
Methods for Management of Zoological Bird Populations, Tom Jenson
Applying Emerging Technologies to Avian Care, Gina Ferrie

Avian SAG General Session

Welcome, Sara Hallager
ASAG Website Update, Kevin Graham
Bird Strikes as a Seasonal Education Campaign, Chris Sheppard
Simple Predator Protection for Nesting Flamingos, Amanda Ott
Unique Medical Management Techniques: Flamingos, Shelly Collinsworth
Evaluation of Ambassador Magellanic Penguins, Julie Hartell-DeNardo
Red Sisken Conservation, Brian Coyle
Housing a Family Group of Green-naped Pheasant Pigeon, Nikki Majeren
Mabula Ground Hornbill Conservation Update, Roger Sweeney
ASAG Action Plan, Tom Schneider
Update on Avian Influenza, Dr. Darrel Styles, USDA
Plume Awards

Avian SAG Red to Yellow Workshop

Introduction, Harrison Edell
Tawny Frogmouth, Mark Myers
White Stork, Tom Schneider
Temminck's Fruit Dove, Monica Blackwell
Passerines, Jennifer Evans
Blue-crowned Laughingthrush, Mark Myers
Spectacled Owl, Steve Sarro
African Penguin, Steve Sarro
Raggiana Bird of Paradise, Jessica Theule
Marbled Teal, Harrison Edell
Import Mentors: Prioritizing Resources and Species
Follow-up Q & A